Friday, July 25, 2008

To have some estrogen...

This weekend my little niece is srtaying with me. It is really nice to paint toenails and watch the fairytale movies. I envy all those out there with at least one girl. I fear life with boys. Already my 2 year old is a rough and tumbler kinda guy. Its only gonna get worse.

And yes boys and girls I did say 2 year old!!! My oldests birthday was this past weekend. I can't believe that I have a 2 year old. Life seems to be passing me before my very eyes. It was great, and he had a good time. I did discover that I have a nack for cake decorating though! We had a barn themed party and thats the cake that I made. It was lovely until one of the kids knocked the table and the barn came tumbling down! Still edible though, no need to cry!
Nothing new to really blog about. I need to get going and soak in all the "girl" time that I can get!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stimulation anyone?

God I have been in some strange funk.

OK dirty minds stop wondering. I mean I haven't been creative like my usual self. So yesterday I hoped in the car and drove to Michael's. Time to find some insperation. So I got the wooden letters and paint for Lukes room (yeah I know he's 5 months old...have you not read about my funk?) for a simple craft.

I got them out today to paint, and I had forgotten how much I love doing this kinda stuff! I love creating things and desiging things. So I have decided that from now on, I will take on a new project every few weeks. I know y'all are thinking OK bored housewife here. But I think I am even going to restart my business (website to follow as soon as our servers are back up!). I must be crazy. I complain that there is just too much to do anymore but I am now realizing that I am not doing enough!!

On a lighter note, our 4th of July was great. We rode in the parade with my dad and his new ambulance. Well its not HIS persay but you know. The boys had a blast. Eddie loved pushing the button for the air horn and Luke was SO excited over seeing the lights and hearing the sirens. Then the parents came over for a little bbq (in the rain but we had umbrellas! ha!) and we enjoyed all the fireworks going on around us from all my crazy neighbors. Wish I could post my pics, but gotta find my memory card first.

Congrats goes out to my friend who finally had her baby yesterday. A beautiful little girl and I am so jealous. I so want one now...better keep hubby away from me. I really want at least one of the boys to be out of diapers before I even think about trying for that girl!