Thursday, September 30, 2010

The most AWESOME kids ever!

Ok you know that I love hate to brag about my boys. But I just have to for a minute. These two boy are the most amazing kids...EVER! Yes, oh my goodness they drive me nuts at least 5 times a day but they are SO awesome that I often forget those moments.

Eddie is totally rocking preschool. You should have heard my excitement the other day when I was looking over his school work and admiring his I's. He's coming home singing songs that they have learned and he's so proud of his artwork. But the cutest thing is the relationships he's starting to develop. For the longest time he was telling me about a girl in his class named Barry. I thought to myself Barry? That's an odd name but hey to each their own. I soon discovered that her name was Bailey and he was just pronouncing it wrong. My boys first crush, too cute! And when I am lucky and get to pick him up right after school,  everyone in his class has to make sure to say goodbye.

Lucas just seems to be getting bigger. Even though size wise he's kinda small...he's really starting to learn his ABC's and he can count to 10. And because his older brother is SO cool, he's really looking forward to going to school himself.

I love these guys. They really make my life what it is. I love being their mom. It is honestly the biggest challenge I have ever faced in my whole life, but that makes me it so much more rewarding. They make me laugh, the drive me insane, the cuddle up to me and they both throw a pretty mean football. I am so thankful for them.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

He's just not that into you

Or is he?

Is he being nice, or is he laying the groundwork to potentially blow your socks off? Does he just want to get into your pants or does he really see that picket fence with 2.5 kids and a golden retriever with you?

Oh the questions. The pondering. The many situations that you play out in your head.

It sucks to be a girl, and to have emotion driving your every force. Because you can't just take it for what it is, you have to psycho analyze EVERYTHING. And the sad thing is you don't even realize your doing it. Its like diarrhea of the mind, it just comes out without warning.

When all we really want to know is do you like me? And do you like me for the goofy girl that I am? Because so many have fooled me in the past.

We can't help it. Its how we are wired.

So for now, I lay my mind to rest. Cause I'm tired of wondering IF a guy likes me or what I could do to make a guy like me more. My mindset will be more aimed as to what a freakin LOSER he is for not seeing how cool of a chick I am and his loss.

I'm just sayin.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Making the move

So the big moving day for me is on the 15th. I am SO super excited, a little bit scared, and SO ready to do this.

Why you ask?

Because I have been living with my soon to be ex husband since we separated. I know to the outside looking in how awkward, uncomfortable, and just plain 'ol weird this sounds. But I will give you the story, at least the short version.

I was a stay at home mom for 4 years. It was the best decision for our family at the time for me to stay home with the kids. And honestly, it was THE best decision I think we could have made, and I am SO thankful for all that time I got to spend with my children. But lets be honest...the pay was CRAP. Don't get me wrong, the ex hubs made the money, bills were taken care of blah blah...but I didn't bring any income in.

So I am starting all over again. Of course you all know that I am back to work (and yes I still LOVE it!) so now its time to get the show on the road.

I got my apartment and I move in a couple of weeks. As excited as I am, I am also kinda nervous. I have never actually lived on my own before. I went straight from my parents house, to my husbands house. So now its all on me. Which is cool, I am all about responsibility, but I'm a little freaked out.

So I am just focusing on all the exciting stuff of getting my own place. Like the fact that I can totally girlify the place and there is no one that can complain about it. I have a bathroom to myself so no more seats that get left up, and its my place. My home that I get to start with my boys. I am ready to take this on!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Why does dating suck?

Okay so of course you know that I read all these other blogs. Why? Because reading other peoples thoughts and opinions make me feel more normal that I should ever feel. Its comforting. My soul food.

OK. So I read this blog titled The 7 Most Frustrating Things About Dating and I got to thinking...this dude could only find 7 things? lol.

So maybe this is this dudes problem. That he's finding dating frustrating. You know instead of enjoying the experience, just having fun with it...homeboy is too stressed out. He goes as far as to say that it makes you feel bad about yourself. So you're gonna feel bad about yourself cause some loser can't see how great you are and decides to try and find someone better?

So I guess I am feeling normal because I don't see the stress in dating. Perhaps cause I haven't been at it for a long time, but still...why all the stress about it? Just crazy.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

All my single ladies

Yes, I just ripped off a line from a Beyonce song.

So an interesting study was just published about The 5 Best (and Worst) Cities for Single Woman.

This study is based on the operational sex ratio which is the number of sexually available men per 100 sexually available woman (sexually available? I'm assuming that means...single people), multiplied by 100. A ratio of 100 means a balanced population, while numbers larger than 100 indicate a surplus of men. A ratio of 110, for example, means 11 men are available for every 10 women. A ratio of 90 would mean nine men are available for every 10 women.

Basically what that breaks down to is this, due to averages, the number of single available men to single available women.

So in the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the United States, this is how they rank. Here are the top 5 cities:

•Las Vegas: 11.6 sexually available men for every 10 sexually available ladies

•San Diego: 11.5 men for every 10 ladies

•Salt Lake City: 11.3 men for every 10 ladies

•Austin, Texas: 11.2 men for every 10 ladies

•Phoenix: 11.1 men for every 10 ladies
And here are the top 5 worst places:
•Birmingham, Alabama: 8.8 men for every 10 ladies

•Memphis, Tennessee: 8.8 for every 10 ladies

•New Orleans: 8.9 for every 10 ladies

•Richmond, Virginia.: 8.9 for every 10 ladies
And in a painful 3 way tie...
New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.! Each of these cities has 9.2 sexually available men for every 10 sexually available women!

Cincinnati, the city that I call home right now, fell in the middle of the list. So I guess that's a 50/50 chance for me. Hmmmm...a move back to Austin is sounding appealing right now.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Stop the presses.

Really mark your calendar. You heard it here first folks.

I think I am starting to believe again. I had a brief moment in time when I was trying to push myself into believing that love was possible. That I may someday find "the love of my life" and that I was going to be happy, romantically, again. That was such a fleeting moment.

I got out and started dating again. I put myself out there, got to know some fellas. But, as it often does in life, things didn't work out and I was-dare I even say it?-alone again. I mean of course I am never really alone but you know what I mean.

So bitter me came out again. Perhaps she never really left. And I know you all are rolling your eyes...its to early, blah blah blah. But trust me, I have a good head on my shoulders, I'm making good decisions. I am not looking for my next new husband. I am not looking for anything serious. I'm not even looking really.

But I find myself starting to believe again, that maybe someday it will happen for me. I no longer hear sappy love songs and want to poke my eyes out. I can go back to watching romantic comedies and maybe still not believe in them, but not feel like I want to vomit. And I can start to see myself perhaps someday opening myself  to somebody in the hopes that I will find my happily ever after, prince charming, love story.

Hey we all have to have SOME type of jumping off point don't we?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where is my time going?

Hella crazy. Things have been HELLA crazy lately. And when I stop to think about it, I really haven't been doing much.

Work is going really good. I am catching on quickly and I have already jumped into assisting with a few surgeries. I'm feeling great about where things are going professional for me and its been a long time since I have felt that way.

Eddie is doing really good with school. He sure gives his dad a lot of trouble with drop off, but I am sure that he'll get over it once he's a little more used to it. Its been amazing to see him come home and sing me songs that he's learned or when I check his back pack after school and see the pictures and drawings that he's made. He's talking about friends that he's making and how much fun he has. Its great.

Sadly enough, that's really all that's been going on. My "free" time has just been spent with friends trying to enjoy whats left of summer. Days at the lake, being able to enjoy a few drinks out on the patio at night. Things are going great. Just trying to enjoy life when I can.

So nothing too exciting to update y'all on. Just thought I would let y'all know that I'm still here. Well most days I am! haha

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Look at my BIG boy!

We survived our first days together!!!!

Eddie had his first day of preschool on the day that I started my new job. The totally sucky thing? I wasn't able to take him to school. But I got to take him today so its all good. 

He is such a big boy! I am so proud of him. I was really worried about him taking directions and listening to his teacher cause lets be honest...he doesn't do a stitch of that at home. But so far he's gotten green check marks on his calendar which means that he is behaving just right at school. He's already singing me songs that they sing and today he was telling me all about cows. He is having a BLAST and I am so excited. I was afraid that he was going to hate it.

The new job is FANTASTIC! I love it! Yeah I almost fainted on my first day...haha funny story actually. So Tuesday was my first day. I started the day with HR doing all my new hire paperwork. And of course it just makes absolutely no sense to have HR in a completely separate building miles down the road from my office. So after a couple hours of paperwork, I then had to proceed to the other side of town to get my parking pass. Finally I could get my butt to work. So I park in the garage across the street from my office on the 7th floor...take the stairs down so I can cross the street in like 100 degree weather...only to get in on an elevator with 40 other people that took 20 mintues to get back up to the 7th floor. So I was a little hot and flustered at this moment. I finally actually got into the office and my office manager tosses me a gown and throws me in a room to shadow another assistant. Full mouth extraction which means EVERY single tooth in this poor mans mouth was being removed. OH and toss in like 4 other residents into this small room with us and I started sweating. The room started to spin so I excused myself out into the hall. It was awesome. I got made fun of the rest of the day. But at least I made everyone laugh and it was a good way to break the ice with everyone.

I love my new job so far. Everyone in the office is really nice, even the doctors and residents. The other assistants I work with are just as goofy as me, so I am sure we will be able to help each other through stressful days. I am going to learn SO much, I can not wait to see whats in store for me here!!!

So all in all, Eddie and I both survived our first days. Yeah we were both a little nervous but at the end of the day we realized there wasn't anything we couldn't handle!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Table for one

Lets all be honest here. Being single sucks sometimes. You don't have that guaranteed date Friday or Saturday night. You have no strong, burly man to take you to a scary movie. And a nice little cuddle before bed time is always sweet. But there are some plus sides to being single. And I am spending my single time finding them out. Like...

~Just how nice it is to have the queen sized bed to yourself. You can stretch out. You don't lose any sleep at night because your cold cause someone stole all the covers. You don't have to do the awkward rolling over, you can just roll cause there's no one there that you could take out. Very restful sleep.

~You can be totally goofy cause your not worried about having to be sexy for someone. I know I know...when your in love, your significant other is always attracted to you blah blah blah...But when your single, you can lounge around all day with no make-up, hair a mess, glasses on, and not have to worry about sexing yourself up for anyone. Its weird, but its nice.

~You can watch ALL the girly movies you want to without any excuses. You don't have to worry about what anyone else wants to watch. Unless of course your girlfriends are over, but lets face it, they are probably gonna wanna watch what you want to watch.

~Back to the bed thing. You can eat ice cream in bed. And not have to share it with anyone. You can have it all to yourself.

~If you want to go get a manicure, you can. If you want to spend a ridiculous amount of money of some sexy jeans or a hot dress, you can. Cause you don't have to share that bank account with anyone but yourself. Well if your a momma like me, as long as the kids are taken care of too...but you know what I mean.

~You can flirt flirt flirt without guilt. That's all I'm gonna say about this one.

~If you want to stay up all night reading, you can without bugging anyone else with the light being on. You have no one to complain that they can't sleep and blah blah.

~When you have complete free time (like I said of course y'all know I'm a momma so I'm talking about when the kids are with baby daddy...) you can do whatever the heck you wanna do! Usually I clean cause its the one time I can clean and keep it that way. But I can run out and meet some girlfriends, watch a movie, take a nap. I have no one else's schedule but mine to be concerned about.

~Without a man around, or a bank account to pay for someone else to do it, you learn how to do the things that you wouldn't do because the man does it for you. Like change your brakes, kill spiders in the bathroom, or take the garbage out yourself. Its kinda an awesome feeling to know that I don't need somewhere there to do that for me. Cause I can do it on my own.

So I hope no one takes this the wrong way. I can totally appreciate a relationship. But right now, I am totally rocking this selfish phase. I will never be able to be as selfish as someone without kids (nor would I want it any other way) but I have been able to learn to appreciate myself more and do things for myself. And its an AWESOME feeling.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm just looking for a textual relationship

We've all done it a time or two. Or a thousand times...You know what I'm talking about. You're chatting with a friend via text message about what they should get on their sandwich at Subway and the next thing you know you're asking them where they would like their meat stored and if they would like an extra squirt of mayo.

Sexting. You know you've all done it. With a friend, girl/boy friend, lover. Whomever. Hey don't judge. We are all guilty.

So is sexting the new foreplay? I read this article titled Sexting Is the New Foreplay and it got me thinking. How many of us out there are using sexting as a form of foreplay? I mean its incredibly hot. There is a level of secrecy. And its a great way to let your partner know just what you want to do to them later.

But how many of us are using sexting as a solution? As a means to itch a scratch? I mean it is a lot safer than going out and having a one night stand and its practically free (I mean besides your cell phone bill and who doesn't have unlimited texting nowadays?).

Well all I can say is, thank goodness for technology.