Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Look at my BIG boy!

We survived our first days together!!!!

Eddie had his first day of preschool on the day that I started my new job. The totally sucky thing? I wasn't able to take him to school. But I got to take him today so its all good. 

He is such a big boy! I am so proud of him. I was really worried about him taking directions and listening to his teacher cause lets be honest...he doesn't do a stitch of that at home. But so far he's gotten green check marks on his calendar which means that he is behaving just right at school. He's already singing me songs that they sing and today he was telling me all about cows. He is having a BLAST and I am so excited. I was afraid that he was going to hate it.

The new job is FANTASTIC! I love it! Yeah I almost fainted on my first day...haha funny story actually. So Tuesday was my first day. I started the day with HR doing all my new hire paperwork. And of course it just makes absolutely no sense to have HR in a completely separate building miles down the road from my office. So after a couple hours of paperwork, I then had to proceed to the other side of town to get my parking pass. Finally I could get my butt to work. So I park in the garage across the street from my office on the 7th floor...take the stairs down so I can cross the street in like 100 degree weather...only to get in on an elevator with 40 other people that took 20 mintues to get back up to the 7th floor. So I was a little hot and flustered at this moment. I finally actually got into the office and my office manager tosses me a gown and throws me in a room to shadow another assistant. Full mouth extraction which means EVERY single tooth in this poor mans mouth was being removed. OH and toss in like 4 other residents into this small room with us and I started sweating. The room started to spin so I excused myself out into the hall. It was awesome. I got made fun of the rest of the day. But at least I made everyone laugh and it was a good way to break the ice with everyone.

I love my new job so far. Everyone in the office is really nice, even the doctors and residents. The other assistants I work with are just as goofy as me, so I am sure we will be able to help each other through stressful days. I am going to learn SO much, I can not wait to see whats in store for me here!!!

So all in all, Eddie and I both survived our first days. Yeah we were both a little nervous but at the end of the day we realized there wasn't anything we couldn't handle!

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