Monday, April 27, 2009

Just a couple of hours...

I started school a couple of weeks ago and I don't wanna toot my own horn but...TOOT TOOT!! I am so cheesy! I have been kicking butt and doing good and I just have to say that I am so proud of myself! But the thing is...
I get absolutely NO sleep!!! This is so incredibly hard and I am surviving on Lo carb Monster energy drinks and coffee. Not both of them together as that would taste awful but you know. The really good thing is I can't find time to eat anymore so I am actually losing weight! If it wasn't for my gigantic milking machines I could almost get extra small scrubs!! Okay so I am still eating but I find that if I eat healthier items that I don't feel AS tired. Plus I am not snacking anymore-who has the time? SO...
I received the most touching email that I have gotten in a while. My dearest friend sent me an email telling me that she was going to do the March of Dimes walk in memory of her dear sweet babies that she lost. She is such a strong and amazing women and I miss her dearly as she is SEVERAL miles away. So in honor of her precious little angels, I will walk here in Cincy. I could never imagine going through what she had to go through and I hate to think that there are families out there that go through it everyday. So as soon as I get all signed up, I will let y'all know, as well as try to hit you up for a donation! But in case somebody has already asked you to donate, please donate all that you can. I know that times are tough right now, but we really need to help all these precious babies that are born prematurley.
Well time to go study. Have a test today and then I have a midterm on Wednesday. I know already right? Crazy! 

Monday, April 6, 2009

Just shake it once.

So the weekend has come and gone. But quite a funny story and SHOCKER...its about one of my kids. 
I was in my room that is kinda caddy corner to our bathroom the other day and I heard Rich take Eddie into the bathroom to...well you know. Just number one though, not number two. So of course there is the standard "Pull your pants down, now your underwear" conversation. And of course my boy does what he is there to do. Then I hear Rich say the weirdest thing. "You only shake it once, anymore than that and your just playing.". Curiosity gets me and I walk in to see my sweet little baby boy...wait for it...STANDING at the potty!!! It was so stinking cute I couldn't believe it! Part of me wanted to run and grab the camera but the other part (I wanna say the sane one?) decided against it. He told Rich that he wanted to stand or in his words "Same same Dada". 
But of course the newness of it all has kicked in and today I walked into him standing there using the potty and scratching his butt. Guess he really wants to do same same as daddy!
The weekend was awesome. Got a lot done around the house and got the cars cleaned out and vacuumed. Just in time though cause as soon as we turned the vacuum cleaner off the storm clouds starting rolling in. Of course I had some girlie time with the ladies for my friend Erin's 30th birthday party. It was so fun. I love my life now, but I sure miss the days!
And now I am just getting ready for school! So excited, I can not wait. Things just keep getting better!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Momma is in some serious need of adult time. This motherhood thing in a mother f-er you know? I love my kids with all my heart but they seriously drove me crazy yesterday. My youngest Luke, is STILL teething and nothing seems to help him. And my oldest Eddie, well he is just being himself. But top that off with a whiny 1 year old and you get one cranky momma! It was one temper tantrum after another yesterday. It seriously took me 3 and a half hours to fold-just fold-two loads of laundry because I had to stop to break up fights and mend broken hearts. 
I remember the days of having just one kid. Things were a lot easier then. Nobody tells you just how hard having a kid is but they really don't give you a heads up for how things change when there are two!! Could you imagine more? I really think Octomom needs her head checked! Yes I brought her up but who in their right mind seriously enjoys every single day of this? I will repeat myself, I love my kids but I will be VERY surprised if I make it to see their 18th birthdays without the use of a straight jacket. 
Okay seriously you all know its not THAT bad, just had a bad day yesterday and today just seems like the repeat of it all. You have your good and you have your bad right? So I am just keeping my eye on the prize...some girl time Saturday night. A friend of mine is turning 30, can you believe we are celebrating 30 years already? Well not me, I still have 3 years but goodness. Bring on the wine and the fun!