Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Texas or bust!

I am off to Texas tomorrow and I am so excited. I should be getting some sleep being that I have to get up at 3am to catch a plan but I can't. I miss Austin so bad and more importantly I miss the people.

And mexican food. Of course they have it hear it Ohio, but aint nothing like the real thing baby.

I am so nervous about leaving though. I used to never really care before I had kids. I just get these weird morbid thoughts now. Like what if tomorrow is the last time I see my first born baby? And then I get all sad cause what are the chances that he would remember me? I know I should seek help but its just the kinda thoughts I get.

This love I have for my children is so overwhelming. I would sacrifice my life for them-literally. I have never been in love like this before. Even on the days when I wanna poke my eyes out, I still end the day totally amazed and in awe of them. So I guess it just makes me sad to think about what life would be like if I didn't have the pleasure of being with them everyday. I guess it wouldn't matter to me cause you know. But anyways.

Okay now time to try and get some sleep. I hope to have a great weekend and catch up with some friends. And yes I packed the breast pump so I can knock back a drink or two (or a whole bottle) with them. Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I told you I babbled!

So next week I am going back to my favorite place...AUSTIN, TEXAS!!! I can not wait and I am getting so excited its ridiculous! I am going back mainly to see my dear friend but I will be visiting with a couple of family members too.

Still cleaning up the yard from the hurricane. Yes I said hurricane that we got in OHIO! I guess Ike reared his ugly head and met up with a high or low pressure system and we got hurricane force winds here. Lost power for a day (No TV-YIKES!). We almost lost our pine tree in the front yard. The wind was blowing the top so hard that the roots were starting to lift up off the ground. But we had a lot of large tree branches down and of course leaves all over. It was so freaky. I can only imagine what those in Texas had to deal with.

My 1st born started Gymboree classes this week. He loves it, although it erks me that he doesn't really play along, he kinda stands outside the crowd and does his own thing. Can you blame the kid though, this is the first time he has been in a playgroup situation with kids his age. I think he's gonna be like his dad and kinda just sit out and observe most of the time. My 2nd born on the other hand loves it! He's just a little too small to play with the older kids.

So I am on this kick of starting to go organic. It really is a science sometimes but nowadays has become surprisingly easy. There is SO much crap out there now that its easy to spot the organic stuff with its USDA stamp of approval. Don't have a Whole Foods close by, but there is this place called Fresh Market and I just am in love. They have the best stuff there and its reasonably priced. Hubby can't get over paying $5 for milk, but I assure him that since our 1st born in the primary drinker that its all worth it. I just feel better eating this "good" food that it seems really rewarding to be spending a little bit more money on it.

OH and with eating the healthy food comes this new hot bod. I say that jokingly but soon I will have that hot bod. So I have been indulging myself in a little retail therapy. I am so excited for fall to finally get here so I can wear some of this cute stuff. No idea where I am going to wear it to (Mommy and Me classes perhaps?hahaha...) but I can't wait. This is the first time that I actually have my body back-well not totally cause the 2nd one is still on the boob-but I am getting my figure back and I don't have to shop for maternity clothes!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah boring stuff, but nothing really going on. Fun times eah?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We will never forget

As everyone knows, today is September 11th, 2008. The 7th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.

As you go through out your day today, complaining about the traffic or mad because of the extra work your boss has assigned you stop and think about those innocent that lost their lives that day as well as those who sacrifice theirs fighting the war to end terrorism.

Take time to stop and remember all those things that you have to be thankful for. Every little thing. I am thankful for my sons laughter, my husband willingness to get up with the boys early in the morning so I can get just a little more sleep. I am appreciative of all the men and women, some whom I know and many who I have never met that fight for my freedom and the freedom of many others every day.

Say a prayer for those closely affected that awful morning 7 years ago. Those that thankfully survived, and those that lost loved ones, family and friends. Thank your God, your Allah, or whomever you pray to for not only the troops that serve to protect this country but also for the men and women that might save you from a house fire someday. We all know their courageous efforts that hap pend that morning.

And last but not least-stop to appreciate the freedom that we have here in the good ol United States of America. Home of the free and brave. The ability that we have to worship the god that we worship, believe what we want to, and achieve whatever goals we set for ourselves.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

Its that time of year ladies and gents. NFL football starts tonight. Giants vs. Redskins and of course we all know that the Giants will win. So fresh off their superbowl victory, you can still see the glow in their faces.

This is the time of year that I lose my dear hubby. I am no longer allowed to make plans for Sunday afternoon/evening that involve him going anywhere that doesn't have a TV and the ability to tune in game or too.

See hubby is part of a fantasy football league with friends back in Texas. He swears up and down every year that this is his year. He hasn't won yet. But true to form, he tries to watch every player on game day. He even goes to the extent of having live updates on the good ol computer for games he can't get on TV.

So so long dear hubby of mine, I will see you after February!!! Love you babe!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Anything you can do...

A woman can probably do better.

Whats all this crap about how the new VP Republican canidate Sarah Palin isn't suited for the job if elected? All this talk about how because she is a mother of 5 children that she isn't capable of being a great VP?

Does everyone forget just how hard a mother works? And on top of raising her family, she's done a few other great things for the large state of Alaska in her spare time. In case you are curious take a look-

A mother in the US right now is damned if she does, damned if she doesn't. Being a stay at home mom I am looked at as a frumpy, pathetic, loser of some sort. And the working moms are told they don't spend enough time with their kids. As long as they are taken care of at the end of the day why does it matter to anyone else?

I think she is highly qualified and I don't think that her being a mother can in any way fault her. I am just so sick of hearing about that and not any of the important issues that she could or couldn't bring to the table.

This race has got me on the edge of my seat. I am still at a loss of who to vote for! Should be intresting!