Thursday, October 30, 2008

99 days

Ok so Heather already posted this, but I wanted to share it too. On Oprah yesterday (yes that's what us bored stay at home moms watch...) she celebrated miracle children. She shared this movie from Youtube about this little boy named Eliot who incredibly lived 99 days but passed away due to Trisomy 18-a chromosome disorder that babies often don't even live through birth with. I sat there, after a long day with fussy screaming kids who thankfully finally went down for naps crying with each photograph these incredible parents shared with us, and thanked God for my little miracles in my life. This story is truly moving and inspiring. I do warn though to have a few tissues on hand. And perhaps your babies cause you will want to kiss them and hold them tight after viewing.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall is here!

We took a little drive Friday and found this beautiful tree covered road. It was so gorgeous with all the trees aglow in red, orange and yellow. I love fall and really missed it living in Texas. You don't really get the major change in the trees and all. We also saw a couple of farms and Eds was pretty excited about seeing the cows. Its so funny how sometimes you just don't notice things. Sometimes your too busy to even see the things right there in front of your face, like all the leaves changing color.

Went to the pumpkin patch and got some pumpkins. Eds ran around and got into trouble-hello nap time!!! And Luke, well he wasn't too impressed but how else can you entertain a 8 month old? They had fun seeing the animals that they had out and Eddie nicknamed their horse Yeehaw. I was hoping to get some mums while we were there, but no such luck. We got a huge pumpkin and I can't wait to carve it out!! I am going to actually bake the seeds this year so that should be fun.

Got quite the scare Saturday night. We were eating dinner and Eddie as always was running around and playing in the living room. Rich walked in the room to find him with an empty bottle of hand sanitizer. It was just a tiny little bottle out of my MIL's purse and she couldn't remember how much was in there but still. We couldn't tell if he drank it our not and being completely scared outta our minds, we quickly loaded everyone up in the car and went to the ER. Of course they called poison control and were told that even if he drank the whole container (5 ml) that it wasn't enough to hurt him and would only cause him to vomit. So a $75 visit to the ER and turns out he was OK. Didn't even get sick or anything leading me to believe he didn't drink it. But better safe than sorry.

My mother in law was here this weekend too. Kinda nice for it to be just here and the boys got some one on one time with her instead of having to compete with all the other grand kids. I am sure we showed her a good time with cranky kids at the pumpkin patch and a night time visit to the emergency room. I hope she enjoyed herself. She didn't know what to do when we wouldn't let her washes the dishes!
All in all a great weekend. Just can't believe that the holidays are around the corner! Time to start getting ready for it all!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This is Eddie telling me what a cowboy says. Its just too cute!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

She's gone. : (

Well two ladies of my life are gone away from me. I'll start with the more depressing one...

So my dog ran away...hahahaha well she did run away but more depressing is my sister left with my two beautiful nieces and my hysterical nephew on Sunday. She is moving out to Arizona to be with the love of her life. Depressing and sad, but I wish nothing but the best for her. I know how courageous it is to pick up everything and leave a place where all your family is and move somewhere where you don't know a soul. Trust me I did it myself a few years ago. It will be a good thing for her to get away from my parents and learn to be really on her own. Although the selfish part of me doesn't want her to be so far away, I know that it is something that she has to do, a sacrifice that has to be made, for her to truly find happiness. Plus it gives me an excuse to travel out west...

And the other lady in my life-my sweet dog ran away right before I left to Texas. We got Gracie right before we were married, she was our first baby and now she is gone. I get incredibly sad thinking about whats happened to her so I keep telling myself that a nice family picked her up and since she didn't have her collar on, the decided to keep her and are taking care of her. That's what I keep telling myself. I know that animal control didn't pick her up cause she was micro chipped so they would have contacted us already. Our other dog Molly is so sad, she keeps walking around the house crying. Poor thing.

My trip to Austin was amazing! I had such a great time and I was so happy to see my best friend. She has been through so much this year and I have been all the way out here in Ohio, so it was nice to finally be there for her. I didn't wanna leave but I was ready to come home and see my first born.

So yet again, nothing much going on. We are headed out today to hopefully get some Halloween costumes. My oldest wants to be an Elephant, he told me so himself so we will see.