Monday, August 25, 2008

What a weekend

Well not really. Didn't do anything special this weekend. I hung out with my sister and mom and ALL the kids saturday while my Dad and hubby golfed together. Yeah for some reason, I am just totally left out anymore. I mean I know that I stink at golf but give me a break, I am still learning!

Went to the dreaded Babies R Us sunday. I hate that store!!! One-cause its always crowded on weekends, two-cause I just wanna go smack crazy on all the men that stand around with the I have more important things to do look on their faces and three-cause seeing all those preggos makes me miss it and for a brief second I think about how I want another one. Convinced hubby to let me get a kick ass stroller though, and the boys love it. Its side by side which I am SURE that I will regret later, but it works for now. They have a great time sitting next to eachother and I no longer have that long ass double to push around anymore. Only complaint is it doesn't have cup holders so I guess I can't drink my beer anymore while pushing the tots around! hahaha...

Eddie did the cutest thing. We were coloring on Friday and he was telling me that he was drawing elephants-thats his newest favorite animal right now.
That kid has one great imagination! I think its so adorable that now he actually has like a purpose when he is coloring, not just scribbling anymore.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How does she do it?

My mind has been heavy with thoughts of my dear dear close friend who just lost her baby boy. She is such a strong and amazing women, I admire her so much. Of course doing as anyone would do, my thoughts turn to me and I think how I would never be able to go on if I lost a child. I don't think I would be able to go one living. But she does, and she does it with such beauty and grace. It just amazes me how she handles herself. I love her and I can't wait to get out there and see her.

Since we are on the same topic, anyone wanna donate to my get out to Texas fund? hahaha...I am actually looking right now at plane tickets and we will see when I can get out there and all.

Had a great weekend with the family. Got to knock down a few cold ones and meet this new guy of my sisters. Life is changing drastically and I just hope the best for everyone.

Nothing much more to write about. The weather is nice here today so I hope to get the boys out to a park or something later this afternoon.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I wanna be happy

I really wanna be happy for her, but my mind is full of the what ifs. What if it all falls apart? What if her kids end up angry with her?? Why do I seem to be the only one who is hesitant about it all?

I love my sister very much, I guess I am just so scared for her. Plus I know that I am selfish and I want her here with me. I really want her to be happy, she so deserves it. But I know that it will not only crush her but her kids too if things go south.

Am I more nervous about the change of it all? She will be so far away from me when she leaves. I don't know if I really get along with this new guy. I haven't had a chance to get to know him and I feel like I won't get one either since they will be on the other side of the U.S.. I just pray that everything works out.

Sorry about the mindless ranting and trust me it would be longer if I didn't have a baby in my arms and having to type with one hand.

Friday, August 15, 2008

My big guy!

So we have been thinking lately of putting my big 2 year old boy into pre preschool. Didn't know that exsisted did ya? Well it really doesn't but pretty much we are looking for a montessori type place where he can learn and be with other kids his age. The more I think about it, the more I wonder-when the hell did he grow up? I can't believe I am already looking at schools for this kid? jeez...

So where have I been these past two years? I swear I was there somewhere-someone had to be watching the kid! It seems like a few weeks ago they were kicking us out of the hospital with this new baby boy and now here I am putting him in school. Time sure does fly by although you don't realize it. It seems like when you are living the day to day life, it goes by so slow and you will never cross over into that next phase. And then one day you wake up and that beautiful baby of yours is screaming and yelling and talking. Its just amazing. I am so proud of my boy.

On another note, my 2nd born is such a stud! He is already sitting up and pulling himself up on things. I feel silly cause they are such "small" things, but my kids amaze me. I am so happy to be their mom!
On that note, its been a long week and momma needs a cocktail! I've got a bottle pumped and I am ready to drink a cold one tomorrow night. Meeting my sister boyfriend whom she is moving to Washington with in a few months. I don't like him because of this! But we'll see, once I kick his ass in Guitar Hero I might be OK!