Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dating mistakes men make

I was recently reading an article titled The 7 deadly mistakes men make when dating and I immediately thought to myself "wow, someone really thinks they only make 7?". I'm not going to pretend I'm perfect. I am SURE that I have made mistakes in the dating game. Like picking the wrong guy for one...haha

Now bear with me, I gave up dating for Lent (and no I am not even catholic!) so I have had sometime to think about dating.

So here is my list, in no particular order, of the mistakes that guys make in dating.

1. You go for looks, and OVERlook personality. Please don't get me wrong. I like pretty things too. But after an hour, you're gonna need something more to keep you occupied. Big boobies and a pretty face are nice, but being able to carry on an actual conversation os much more satisfying I swear.

2. Judging a book by its cover. Yes I realize I'm a girl. I realize that I may fit into that mold of being all dolled up in my makeup and high heels. But if you took the time to actually get to know me, you would find out that I am very down to earth, I look just as great in faded jeans and tennis shoes with my hair pulled back in a hat, and that I could be one of the coolest chicks you will ever know.

3. Not all vagina's are the same. Just like you get mad at us for generalizing you to be all the same, we aren't all the same. I realize that you have made poor decisions in the past and picked every single physcho chick out there that clings to you tighter than white on rice and freaks the freak out when you spend a minute apart...but I'm not that girl. I like time alone, I prefer for you to do your own thing so I don't have to feel like I'm babysitting you, and I can't stand the clingy crap.

4. Take me at my word. I realize that plenty of other girls feel the need to play silly games. The most popular one is saying one thing when the totally mean another. But as previously stated, I'm not like most girls. I have found honesty to be the best policy so I just speak my mind. Good or bad I say the truth. So please do me a favor and just do the same in return. Don't hype yourself up that your this great guy unless you can totally prove it.

5. Don't rush the sex. If you're a great guy, we will see it in time and the sex will happen. A girl far more appreciates a guy who takes his time (both out and in the bedroom) than one who rushes things. Get to know me, at least know the color of my eyes, the day of my birth, and what I do for a living before you try to bang me.

6. A little creativity goes a long way. Sure I can appreciate the romantic candlelit dinner, along with flowers and blah blah. But since I'm such a down to earth gal, I have an even better time doing things outdoors, catching a baseball game, or just hanging out.

7. Realize that until you become a major part of my life, you won't get a major part of my time. I'm a busy girl. I have a job that keeps me busy, 2 young boys that don't let me rest, family, friends, and everyone needs sometime alone. I make time for things that matter to me, so until you prove yourself worthy of my time you wont get much of it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'd like to introduce you

I can’t hide this anymore. I am giddy with emotions and delight. I have met someone, and I am in love.

Let me tell you what has made me fall in love with this person. This person has the biggest heart. Honestly, this person loves and they love with their whole heart. They give without asking for anything in return. They will go to the ends of the earth for me. This person is always there for me when I am feeling down, offers me a funny joke , and knows when to kick my butt back into gear and gets me to snap out of it. They are my biggest fan, my most enthusiastic cheerleader, and the biggest supporter of all my crazy dreams. This person is the most beautiful person I have ever met in my whole entire life. And I am just in awe whenever I see them.

Now it may be shocking when I tell you who this person is, but trust me I have been in a relationship with this person for a very long time and I am completely sure that this is the real deal. SO without further ado…here is the person that I am in a relationship with right now.

Yes, the person that I am in a relationship with is myself. I’ve had a lot of alone time. And in my alone time although there were some tears, instead of wallowing in my misery I took the time to self reflect on things. I looked into what mad me mad, sad, happy. What made me tick, what really made me laugh. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted in a relationship. How I want to be loved, what I can give to someone right now. And most of all, I have spent this time thinking about the things that I want to do. Just me. So I have gotten up and done them.

And you know what, I have gotten to discover that I am one pretty amazing girl. And to anyone that can’t see how great and amazing and fun I am to be with, SUCK IT! I am having a blast with myself, and its really starting to show and seep through to the relationships that I have with other people. Its almost like I’m a new person. NO, I am the person that I have always suppose to have been. And this person is pretty freaking cool.

So I continue to be in this relationship, date this person, and open my life to her. Cause as long as I have her by my side I figure I’m not doing too bad!