Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Doc, I think I have a fever...

I am getting the baby fever. BAD!

I was just getting used to sleeping a good 6 hours straight.

My youngest, Luke is starting to potty train so soon it will be good-bye diapers!

I just went through all of our baby stuff and goodwilled everything.

Why oh why has my mind tried to convince me to have another baby? I jokingly tell Rich all the time that I would have another one in a heartbeat if he could guarantee me a girl.

Of course there are NO guarantees in life.

Gosh what in the hell would I do with another BOY??!!?? Of course I would love love love him, but (and mothers of boys can sympathize with me) boys can drain just about every ounce of you. At least my boys do. There's no sitting down and playing with hair, learning to accessorize, or painting toenails. Its down on the floor playing cars, running around the house trying to solve the mystery, or wrestling.

So if we are going to try for another one, we will start trying in June. So I have till then to make up my mind. Lord help me!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Merry Christmas

I have so much joy in my heart.

Even as I sit here in tears.

So many bad things go on in this world today that its no wonder that we aren't all on anti-depressants and visiting our therapist on a daily basis.

My brother in law is currently over in Iraq, a few months into his year long deployment.

I follow a couple of other mommy blogs religiously. One is Heather's Blog, a mom who had to go through one of my worst nightmares. She tragically lost her sweet baby Maddie.

The other blog I wanted to mention is Kathie's Blog, a woman that lost her husband to cancer.

These tremendous ladies live their lives everyday with one of their greatest loves gone. They are both getting ready to celebrate their first Christmas without them.

As I sit here this morning with sleepy eyes just waiting for my coffee to kick in, I think about all the GOOD things in my life. My sweet, beautiful boys have brought SO much joy to my life. They are in such good health, they have such a zest for life, and they offer so much humor into my world.

My husband is one heck of a guy. He is the greatest father, he works extremley hard to provide for our family, and he rubs my back whenever I ask! He loves me at my worst, laughs at me when I am stressing out too much, and supports every dream of mine.

I have so much to be thankful for when I think of the things that could go wrong in my life that I have no control over. Many thoughts and prayers go to my blogger friends that have suffered great tragadies this past year. And of course my heart goes to my best friend, my sister and her family as they celebrate this Christmas with her husband serving for us over in Iraq.

With all the hustle and stress that we all go through this time of year, please take the time to remember the GOOD things that you do have in life. And when your taking that time, please remember those that have suffered so much more than you. And please say a little prayer, or whatever your believes are to send those some good cheer and love.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Why are we so upset over Tiger?

Okay so in case you have been living in a cave, y'all know about Tiger Woods' um...how did he describe it...indiscretions. So why is everyone up in arms over it? Why is everyone acting like they just heard that their brother was caught cheating on his wife?


Because in this day and age of overpaid athletes, Tiger was one of the good guys. This is the guy that broke down in tears on live television when he won the majors after his father passed away. The guy that you never find on TMZ.com kissing up on the ladies. The guy that was ultra private and just played the game with a tremendous passion.

And he turns out to be an asshole.

Go figure.

I know innocent until proven guilty.

Its upsetting because we live in a world where this stuff happens everyday. Because we live to believe that those pro athletes that have all the money and all the things in the world have quite a life. Because Tiger and his wife have to sweet little babies that are in the middle of it. Whats not to be upset about a man cheating on his wife? Really.

But I do have to say, everyone please just drop it! Does anyone really think we help the situation by glorifying all these women who are coming out of the wood work claiming that they have had sex with Tiger? I am so sick of hearing everyone talk about it. Is Tiger a sex addict? How many more women are there? WHO CARES!!! Come on, it was in the news, now its time to drop it and move on.

Mindless rant over.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The bitch is pregnant!

And I am not talking about me. My sweet baby Molly may be pregnant.

It started off with a slight weight gain. I wasn't going to mention anything cause hey a girl is allowed to gain a few pounds here and there, especially during the holidays. It wasn't till the hubby mentioned something.

Hubby: Does Molly look like she has gained some weight?

Me: Its the holidays leave us alone! I mean yeah a little bit.

Off to google we go. We have come to the conclusion that when my brother in law was here a few weeks ago with his MALE dog, that he might have knocked her up.

GREAT! Its not enough that taking care of my OWN kids drives me crazy, now I am gonna have to take care of some mutt puppies?

So now its just a weighting game (haha...pardon the pun!). I guess it will be a little fun to have some pups running around.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What a big baby!

And yes, I am talking about me. Tomorrow morning, I am having minor surgery to remove all 4 of my wisdom teeth. Yes, I am a very late bloomer. Your talking to the girl who got chicken pox at age 18. So at 27 years of age, my wisdom teeth just now decide to grow half way in and I must get them removed before they cause me anymore pain.

So today, I am just running around the house, trying to get things in order since I will be out of commission for the rest of the weekend. But I have to say that my mind keeps running back to the fact that I will be under general anesthesia tomorrow morning and then I get a little freaked! I am going to be having an oral surgeon literally breathing down my neck (well throat actually but you get the general area...) cutting into my jaw and yanking out my teeth.

But I am kinda looking forward to my vicodin induced "vacation". Rich has vowed to try and keep the kids out of my hair and my mom will be around to take care of me. Yes like I said I am a big baby and I need my mommy.

So back to cleaning to try and keep my mind off of things. I can't believe that today, me (you know the MOM) is being a bigger baby than my one year old.