Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The bitch is pregnant!

And I am not talking about me. My sweet baby Molly may be pregnant.

It started off with a slight weight gain. I wasn't going to mention anything cause hey a girl is allowed to gain a few pounds here and there, especially during the holidays. It wasn't till the hubby mentioned something.

Hubby: Does Molly look like she has gained some weight?

Me: Its the holidays leave us alone! I mean yeah a little bit.

Off to google we go. We have come to the conclusion that when my brother in law was here a few weeks ago with his MALE dog, that he might have knocked her up.

GREAT! Its not enough that taking care of my OWN kids drives me crazy, now I am gonna have to take care of some mutt puppies?

So now its just a weighting game (haha...pardon the pun!). I guess it will be a little fun to have some pups running around.

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