Friday, November 21, 2008

The Greencards

Skimmin through the paper the other day and I saw that a favorite band of mine from Austin, The Greencards, is coming to Cincy this coming weekend. I got so excited at a chance to have a little bit of Austin here in the tri-state area!!! A friend of mine, Ms. Mel, took me along to a show of theirs and I became an instant fan. They play bluegrass and although its not one of my top genres of music I listen to, I still like it from time to time. Give me a break, I was raised by a good ol Kentucky boy who loves listening to it, so it takes me back I guess. Anyways I called up my dad and invited him along-which works out great cause his b-day is coming up-and he suprisngly accepted. So yes, haven't had a date in a while and my first time out is with my dad. Whats wrong with me? hahaha...

So thats all thats happening around here lately, besides the fact that my docs still don't know whats wrong with me and I am still in pain and not feeling good. FUN!!! I hope to find out some GOOD news soon, I can't handle any more crap right now. Just trying to get ready to cook dinner here for our family next week. I have never cooked for more that 4-5 people so it should be intresting. I can't wait, I love to cook. 

Alright, off to Gymboree class. Just thought I would drop a few lines for those of you who may be wondering whats happening here in Ohio. Yeah not a lot, why did I ever leave Texas? Here's a really cute pic of the boys. Eddie wanted to hold Luke and they sat still long enough for me to snap a pic. Eddie was done with holding Luke shortly after, luckily Momma was there to catch him! Okay, gotta go now!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A trip to the doctors

Been having a horrible pain in my side for the past few days so I went to the doctors today. Of course he couldn't find anything wrong with me, but wants me to get an ultrasound and then if nothing comes of that possibley a ct scan. FUN!!! All of this and a dentist appointment next week where I know he is going to want me to take my wisdom teeth out. All these years with those suckers and they just NOW give me problems. Damn this growing old thing SUCKS!!

Rich had to stay home with the boys today while I was gone. Of course the only appointment I could get coincided with nap time and lunch. Rich didn't know what to do with himself. I have pretty much become a pro with getting Luke down without Eddie disrupting us but Rich couldn't do it to save his life. Poor guy. He's a great dad and I love him, but its a good thing he has me around to handle all the chaos. 

So my sweet baby boy doesn't want the boob anymore. He weaned himself and is now completely formula fed. Its all bittersweet, as it was becoming increasingly hard to nurse him and entertain Eddie all at the same time. I'm not superwoman, I can only do so much. But I miss that time with him. Its OK, he's still my boy. 

Off to get some sleep now, I hope I don't die from this pain. Let me tell you the Ibuprofen that my doc prescribed ain't really helping me a whole lot. 

Friday, November 7, 2008

History has been made

I am sure this has and will continue being said over and over again. History was made tuesday night when Barack Obama won the electoral votes for the presidency by a landslide. I will proudly say that I voted for him and I am so excited to see what the future holds for us as a nation now. I was insanely proud watching his acceptance speech late Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning. His ideas and what he stands for, I have just never been so full of hope. Call me naive but I really feel like finally we as a nation are coming together. I know (and trust me have HEARD) that several people aren't sure about having a black man leading us but I strongly hope that he goes to show them that its not the color of a mans skin but his character that makes him (and hopefully real soon!) or her a great leader. I really wish that we can get our economy back in order and that people can feel safe and secure again. And I am so proud that we have somebody in our current history that I can show my sons that you can go anywhere in life that you want to as long as you are willing to work hard for it. I really hope and feel that Obama will follow through with all of his promises and lead us to be a better nation.
Okay time to get off my soap box. Gotta go clean house. My mother is coming over tonight and would crap herself if she saw how unorganized I let things get!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get out!

Get out and VOTE!!! Today is the day. I can't wait to vote, and I should have done it this morning but I was being lazy. History will be made today so I hope that everyone had their part in making it.
Its a good thing that I am accustomed to not getting sleep at night, cause I don't think I will sleep till I hear who won.
Well short and sweet today, just wanted to make sure that I got the message out. VOTE!!!!