Monday, August 25, 2008

What a weekend

Well not really. Didn't do anything special this weekend. I hung out with my sister and mom and ALL the kids saturday while my Dad and hubby golfed together. Yeah for some reason, I am just totally left out anymore. I mean I know that I stink at golf but give me a break, I am still learning!

Went to the dreaded Babies R Us sunday. I hate that store!!! One-cause its always crowded on weekends, two-cause I just wanna go smack crazy on all the men that stand around with the I have more important things to do look on their faces and three-cause seeing all those preggos makes me miss it and for a brief second I think about how I want another one. Convinced hubby to let me get a kick ass stroller though, and the boys love it. Its side by side which I am SURE that I will regret later, but it works for now. They have a great time sitting next to eachother and I no longer have that long ass double to push around anymore. Only complaint is it doesn't have cup holders so I guess I can't drink my beer anymore while pushing the tots around! hahaha...

Eddie did the cutest thing. We were coloring on Friday and he was telling me that he was drawing elephants-thats his newest favorite animal right now.
That kid has one great imagination! I think its so adorable that now he actually has like a purpose when he is coloring, not just scribbling anymore.

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