Friday, September 19, 2008

I told you I babbled!

So next week I am going back to my favorite place...AUSTIN, TEXAS!!! I can not wait and I am getting so excited its ridiculous! I am going back mainly to see my dear friend but I will be visiting with a couple of family members too.

Still cleaning up the yard from the hurricane. Yes I said hurricane that we got in OHIO! I guess Ike reared his ugly head and met up with a high or low pressure system and we got hurricane force winds here. Lost power for a day (No TV-YIKES!). We almost lost our pine tree in the front yard. The wind was blowing the top so hard that the roots were starting to lift up off the ground. But we had a lot of large tree branches down and of course leaves all over. It was so freaky. I can only imagine what those in Texas had to deal with.

My 1st born started Gymboree classes this week. He loves it, although it erks me that he doesn't really play along, he kinda stands outside the crowd and does his own thing. Can you blame the kid though, this is the first time he has been in a playgroup situation with kids his age. I think he's gonna be like his dad and kinda just sit out and observe most of the time. My 2nd born on the other hand loves it! He's just a little too small to play with the older kids.

So I am on this kick of starting to go organic. It really is a science sometimes but nowadays has become surprisingly easy. There is SO much crap out there now that its easy to spot the organic stuff with its USDA stamp of approval. Don't have a Whole Foods close by, but there is this place called Fresh Market and I just am in love. They have the best stuff there and its reasonably priced. Hubby can't get over paying $5 for milk, but I assure him that since our 1st born in the primary drinker that its all worth it. I just feel better eating this "good" food that it seems really rewarding to be spending a little bit more money on it.

OH and with eating the healthy food comes this new hot bod. I say that jokingly but soon I will have that hot bod. So I have been indulging myself in a little retail therapy. I am so excited for fall to finally get here so I can wear some of this cute stuff. No idea where I am going to wear it to (Mommy and Me classes perhaps?hahaha...) but I can't wait. This is the first time that I actually have my body back-well not totally cause the 2nd one is still on the boob-but I am getting my figure back and I don't have to shop for maternity clothes!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah boring stuff, but nothing really going on. Fun times eah?

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