Thursday, September 30, 2010

The most AWESOME kids ever!

Ok you know that I love hate to brag about my boys. But I just have to for a minute. These two boy are the most amazing kids...EVER! Yes, oh my goodness they drive me nuts at least 5 times a day but they are SO awesome that I often forget those moments.

Eddie is totally rocking preschool. You should have heard my excitement the other day when I was looking over his school work and admiring his I's. He's coming home singing songs that they have learned and he's so proud of his artwork. But the cutest thing is the relationships he's starting to develop. For the longest time he was telling me about a girl in his class named Barry. I thought to myself Barry? That's an odd name but hey to each their own. I soon discovered that her name was Bailey and he was just pronouncing it wrong. My boys first crush, too cute! And when I am lucky and get to pick him up right after school,  everyone in his class has to make sure to say goodbye.

Lucas just seems to be getting bigger. Even though size wise he's kinda small...he's really starting to learn his ABC's and he can count to 10. And because his older brother is SO cool, he's really looking forward to going to school himself.

I love these guys. They really make my life what it is. I love being their mom. It is honestly the biggest challenge I have ever faced in my whole life, but that makes me it so much more rewarding. They make me laugh, the drive me insane, the cuddle up to me and they both throw a pretty mean football. I am so thankful for them.

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