Sunday, October 3, 2010

Music is the soundtrack of my soul

Ok so I may not be THAT big of a music freak, but I do love music. I usually have music on no matter what I'm doing. We have it on at work, I can't drive without it, and me and the boys LOVE to put on music and dance around. So its always on for me.

But I got to thinking today about those certain songs that stick with us. Yeah there's always something new to listen to or some great new artist, but it truly is the "classics" that stay with us forever. So I thought I would share some of my favs with you.

And here they are in no particular order:

~Me and My Girlfriend by JayZ featuring Beyonce. I pretty much love anything by JayZ but this is my favorite. I never get sick of this one.

~She's Got a Way by Billy Joel. My first boyfriend danced with me to this song on our first date. That is a memory I will never forget.

~Kiss by Prince. Because no matter how old that song is, you can't help but sing along and dance to it.

~ I just called to say I Love You by Stevie Wonder. This song of course was very popular when I was very young but I used to sing it all the time. When I lived in Texas and was SO far away from my family, I used to call them and sing this song to them. I feel its important to just call someone to say you love them.

~Sunshine of my Life by Stevie Wonder. This song always makes me think of my boys because they are the sunshine of my life. I used to listen to this song ALL the time when I was pregnant with my first son Eddie. The lyrics are really sweet.

~Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra. Also done by my boyfriend Micheal Buble and also by The Laurie Berkner Band which unless your a parent of small children you may not know the later artist. When Luke was a baby he didn't really like listening to music at night like his big brother does. So I would rock him in the rocking chair and sing. And his favorite was Fly me to the Moon. He still loves to hear it now.

~Crazy in Love by Beyonce. Haha. This song was REALLY popular the summer that I turned 21. That was a GREAT summer and I still have the best memories from so long ago. And yes I still try to pop my booty like Beyonce does in the music video every time I hear it.

~Anything by the Beatles. My whole family is very much into music but I remember nights when my dad and I would just sit together and listen to music. Some nights it was Meryl Haggard, some nights it was Creedence Clear Water, but most nights it was the Beatles. I was SO fascinated with the fact that my dad was a teenager when they were first out and he would tell me stories about how he watched them LIVE on American Bandstand. Good times.

~Anything by Madonna. Because it reminds me of growing up with my sister and how much we were in love with her. I remember when my sister was in high school and drove her Saab. We would blast Madonna in her CD player and cruise around the streets of Grand Junction.

~Some Broadway things like the soundtrack of Chicago, Les Miserable, Oklahoma, and so many more. Because they remind me of my high school days when I had big dreams of going to a performance arts school and performing on Broadway some day. I still love the theatre to this day so yes sometimes my music to jam to is Broadway tunes.

Its funny how some lyrics to certain songs can really get to you. Some you hear and LOVE until the radio out plays them and then you never want to listen to again. But there are those that stick with you forever and you will never get tired of hearing them. I have many more songs that mean so much to me but I could go on forever with those.

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