Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stupid s*#t I say

I am a well educated person. I like to educate myself on all things culture. And I usually think about the words I am going to say before I say the. Usually that is...

But sometimes the stupidest SHIT comes out of my mouth!!! Not dumb things a la Jessica Simpson but things that I just don't think about before I say them.

Take the other day for example. My dear sweet Luke was being a cranky 2 year old. He hadn't gotten a nap and I was keeping him up because it was too late to take a nap. So of course with every little thing he whines. "Hey Lucas do you want some candy (yes I DO result to desperate measures in desperate times)?". "NNNNNNNNNNOOOOO Mommy I don't want you!". So after several minutes of hearing him whine, I lost my cool and blurted out "Gosh do you have to act like such a little child?".

Or when I was watching that show Life on discovery with the boys. We were watching how the hyenas do sneak attacks on the lions at night because they out number the lions, and they steal the lions food. I mean we are watching it right there, its right in front of my face and I simply ask "Do hyenas eat meat?". Of course they do dumb ass, that's why they are risking their life and limbs right there on TV to steal a dead animal from a pride of lions.

Sometimes when I turn on a football game, and I have to ask "Who are they playing?" because its just not that obvious to me who the other team is, that's a classic.

But my all time favorite, and one that my family will never let me live down...I was cheering for basketball my freshman year. There really wasn't a crowd to be cheering for, I do believe our team was sucking butt, and I was literally exhausted. So our team goes up for a free throw. And us being the peppy cheerleaders that we were suppose to be, we needed to (as they say) show our spirit. And all I could think was "just get the f-ing ball in the hoop so we can get on with the game and go home" so right as the "crowd" went quiet, I shouted out "Get it in!". For EVERY ONE to hear.

So yes I say stupid shit, and I happen to say stupid shit a lot. You know a girl can only devote SO much time to being smart, funny, sexy, and well spoken. Every once in awhile, they real me comes out, and I have to say...its pretty comical.

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