Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Change will do you good.

So you are offically reading the blog of a soon to be college student! I had my last meeting with financial aid yesterday and have everything squared away to start school in a couple of weeks. I have done a lot of research and am thinking that I want to further my career to a surgical technician (scrub tech). But first things first, I must do what I originally planned to.  I am just so excited and scared and nervous. We are getting ready to make a big change just as a family as this will really change up our way of life. Monday through Thursday I won't be home to tuck the boys in to bed. And we won't have a lot of cash flowing around as I have an externship at the end of my training and we have to save for daycare. Its just nerve wrecking as any change would be. But its all for the better for us so its good. 
Eddie sent my blood pressure through the roof last Friday afternoon. We were coming out of Target and being the short attention spanned 2 year old that he is, he doesn't listen very well in the parking lot. So I put him in the basket of the cart as Luke was in the seat part. We got to the car and for some reason I started to put Luke in the cart first. I always put Eddie in first because Luke is strapped down and can't really go anywhere. But that day for some very strange reason I changed it up. Eddie pushed himself away from the car and started rolling away. Fearing that a car would drive out from nowhere and smash into him, I ran after him to stop the cart. The cart stopped, but he didn't and he fell head first onto the pavement. I immediately started to think that he had cracked his head open and must be rushed to the ER stat! The whole 10 minute ride there (thank goodness we were close!) I just kept thinking about the actress Natasha Richardson who just died from a bump on the head. 3 hours and one head xray later, turns out he is perfectly fine and has an extremely hard head (I knew that without the xray!). Unfortunately they don't prescribe any good meds for mothers who just witnessed their toddler take a nasty spill onto concrete.

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