Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So this is Christmas...

The snow fell yesterday and as I watched it out of my window, overlooking my Christmas tree it suddenly struck me. ITS CHRISTMAS TIME!!! I need to finish-okay actually start-my shopping, I need to get the ingredients to bake cookies for Santa, and I haven't even gotten a ham yet for dinner. I'd like to say its funny how things sneak up on ya but how could I have missed Christmas time? The most wonderful time of the year and I haven't even relished in the fact yet. Jeez.

So we went to my dads Christmas party for the firehouse last weekend. Santa was there and had a gift for Eddie. In Christmas past, Eddie has been terrified as all get out to visit the big guy. This year though he rose above his fears and shocked us all. Santa called his name and he jumped right up and ran over to him. He had a smile plastered on his face as Santa lifted him up on his lap and he even told him that he wanted a chug a chug a choo choo (that's Edaniese for train) for Christmas. I was so amazed by the whole fact, I didn't even get a picture! So we are off this weekend to get a picture with Santa at the mall. Knowing him though, he will change his mind and hate Santa again, thus forcing me to sit on the big guys lap and get groped by some weird man all so we can get a pic of Ed with Santa. Looking forward to it! Luke didn't even wanna look at the guy so it should be a fun time.

Seeing as I have so much to do, I might not be on much in the next few weeks. I hope that everyone has a safe and happy Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. Let me just say that no matter what way you celebrate, may your heart be full of joy, happiness, and thankfulness. I sure know that mine will be!

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