Thursday, December 30, 2010


As I was driving home from work today, incredibly annoyed that I didn't have any plans for New Years Eve and wanting desperately to take a nap, I realized how thankful I should be for all the things I have in my life.

Its easy, incredibly easy to take for granted the many blessings you do have in your life. We can get so caught up in thinking about the things that we want, an working to get the things that we find out in the end, we never really needed. Expensive electronics, top of the line products, fancy cars.

I pass a homeless lady almost every single day on my way home from work. And I never leave the office at the same time of day. Today I was lucky enough to be able to leave a few hours earlier than I normally do. And as I came up to the corner of WH Taft and 50 there she was, where she usually stands holding her sign. "Lost everything, any penny helps. God Bless You."

In the midst of my thoughts, silly thoughts of "damn my head hurts", "Gosh I'm so tired" and, "Why can't I have a pretty, shiny, black Beamer like my doctor drives?" I started to think clearly. Thank God that I have a job that allows me to support me and my boys. I can pay my bills with ease. Buying meals is never a worry for me. If I wanna go somewhere, I can get in my car and drive there.

Life is a struggle, it is for everyone. We all have our sets of problems. But I am so incredibly blessed with the things that I DO have, I can't see stressing about the things that I don't. Because some people don't have the basic necessities like, food, water, or a home. Life is great and I am so blessed.

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