Friday, January 7, 2011

What NOT to do in 2011

 Happy New Year!!! Yeah about a week late but whatever.

So you know how with a new year, you get a fresh new slate. A chance to start over. So that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

I've made a lot of mistakes. A LOT of mistakes in my life. Some are minor like forgetting to load the dishwasher or not turning in homework on time. And some of my mistakes, not so minor like hurting someone I love or dropping my phone in the toilet (hey I'm a single mom, my cell phone is at times my only link to the outside world!).

So in the spirit of starting over, and knowing that I can only learn from my mistakes from the past to make my future better, here is a list of things that I will NOT do in 2011.

1. Let my head fall in love before my heart does. Or vice versa. Its so easy to fall head over heels with someone who thinks you are the most awesome person ever. But its also easy to think someone is completely awesome when you don't really know the person. So next time (God willing it happens) I will try to find the balance of thinking with my head and my heart, and try to save everyone involved unnecessary heartache.

2. Um I kinda hate to state the obvious but I will NOT get divorced. Like ever again. Its hard, its taxing. It costs a lot of money and its not fun for ANYONE involved. That's all I'm gonna say.

3. I will not get into a textual relationship with someone that I can't or won't have an ACTUAL real relationship with. Meaning I will not get my hopes up over silly texts that state silly things, only to not get anything in reality. Words will just be words to me now. I'm going to need some actual proof.

4. In going with the dating thing...I will not settle. I will not waste my time. I WILL however realize that I am a beautiful, intelligent, funny, fun to be with girl and if a dude can't handle all of me, then he doesn't deserve ANY of me. Plan3 and simple.

5. I will not suck as a mom this year. I will stop making the excuse that I'm tired or don't have the energy and I will live every minute I have with my boys, for my boys. I will take them and show them new and exciting things, make sure there are plenty of laughs, and raise them to be the strong, loving men that I want them to be.

6. I will not pass up an opportunity to have fun! Ok lets be honest, I kinda did this in 2010 too. But I will try my very very best to not pass up offers of hanging with friends or doing something. Because who knows when I will be able to have fun again.

7. I will not ever think that I have tomorrow guaranteed to me. Because its really not. So I will no longer think that something can wait till tomorrow. Unless its the dishes in the sink, because those CAN wait. If I am blessed to wake up tomorrow, those dishes will still be there. I'm just sayin.

8. I will not feel self conscious about wearing my two piece this summer. Because I have worked hard to get this body to look like it does. And damn it I look good. lol


Just Diane said...

Right ON, sister. Right on. You will fall in love, you may or may not get divorced, you are an awesome mom, and a perfectly fine human being. As far as your bikini goes.... flaunt it while you got it, sis. I will be flaunting my capris with all I got.

Selena said...

Ross: You know what? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say no divorces in '99!
Rachel: But your divorce isn't even final yet.
Ross: Just the one divorce in '99

It was the first hing I thought of after your divorce paragraph, and it made me laugh. Love you!!