Sunday, September 4, 2011

My a nutshell (part uno)

Well my summer started off with meeting and falling in love with this guy...
His name is Jason, he's amazing and we have such a great time with each other.

And yes I realize that I have a thing for Jasons'. Hahaha Hopefully this is the last one.

Then my summer got REALLY busy with my nieces and nephew coming into town.
They are all moving to Germany so my sister sent them out for the summer. I loved having them around, even though they complained the whole time about how hot it was. Living in Washington for 3 years will make a warm summer day feel like a sauna to you I guess.
We just spent the time hanging out and being silly.

See. Silly.

OH then I turned 29 (yikes my last year in my 20's!!!!) and this hot stud muffin took me for a ride!!! Yes that's my dad, and yes Jason was incredibly jealous. Jealous that I got to go on a motorcycle ride and he didn't.

Next update...Deleware and DC, in one single weekend. Many more pics to follow!!!!

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