Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where the F have I been?

So much to fill you in on.

Okay so not really, I kinda lied. I wish there was SO much to fill you in on but really I got nothing.

OH-I ran a marathon.

I almost died, but I ran that bitch like it was nobodys business!

And apparently I'm gangsta now.

Ok really let me get to the point. What I've been up to.

Work is kicking my butt, but I love it. I am putting in 10 hour work days and although time wise it sucks, it reflects nicely in my paycheck.

My sister decided to move to Germany. Well she didn't really, the Army decided for her. And she hasn't exactly moved yet, that doesn't come till fall time. But I am now getting ready to have my nieces and nephew in town for the whole summer which I am stoked about. These kids are awesome, love 'em.

Um lets see...ok so not much to update you on. Even though I feel like my life is passing me by faster than I can process it. The boys are growing faster than I can feed them, friends are moving in with boyfriends, and babies are being made and born all around me. Nothing much happening in my personal life i.e. no I am not dating anyone. Hoping to change that soon maybe.

Well stay tuned, I have a lot of blogs cooking in my brain. Entertaining ones. Ones that will make you laugh your ass off. haha

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