Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to please a toddler

Buy ever single toy that they think is cool. Buy every single toy that you think is cool. Go ahead and go crazy and get every color of Play-doh that you see. Take notice in their love for firetrucks, airplanes, and cars and buy the dang things whenever you see them.

Then donate them to charity. Because after they have been outta their package for oh lets say 5 minutes, your toddler will soon lose interest in it and bury it deep into the toy box for it to never be seen again.

My two boys seem to have something against their toys. They have a room full of Little People and train sets. Stuffed animals give them the sad eyes cause they don't play with them anymore. A play doctors kit that I was super excited to get Eddie because he said he wanted to be a doctor, now serves as a step stool to turn the light on and off. But in true boy fashion there is one toy that is sure to please them no matter what...


They can sit and play with legos for an hour, which doesn't seem like very long, but it is a very much deserved break for mommas ears after listening to them fight and argue all day long. Even Lucas my little guy, loves to play with them. And its only taken us a few weeks to get him to not put them in his mouth. Even Rich gets in on the action and builds ships and planes with the boys. Of course they already think their Daddy hung the moon so he scores even more un-needed cool points with them for that.

So case in point, if you are looking for a good gift idea for ANY guy in your life, let them have Legos!

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Heather said...

I will totally take your advice when Brooklyn is old enough. We have learned so much in the toy buying process. First, I pretty much only buy from the consignment shop in Lakeway cause it's about 70% cheaper. 2nd, attention span is minimal, maybe a few come backs to see the toy again, but then it's dead to her. She only likes things she can find in the cabinets, pull out of my purse, and climbing on the treadmill.
Hopefull I'll be adding lego's to the list. :)