Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm still young

I like to convince myself that I am in fact still young. I am "hip" with it. I know what the kids listen to. And I was watching the live show of Kayne hijacking Taylor Swift's acceptance speech.

So why do I feel so DAMN OLD? Last night (and the night before, hey it was a tough week!) I had full intentions of polishing off a six pack of Dos Equis. There are still like 3 in the fridge, and Rich was drinking too. After one beer, chips, and mild salsa, I was complaining about indigestion and went searching for the tums.

I stayed up till 11:45 watching the UT football game (and heck yes we won!) and I was completely pooped! I remember the days when my night was just picking up at 11:45!

Now my days are full of changing diapers and mending broken hearts. Learning how to save a life and administer medications. Waking up at 7am is considered sleeping in. Dora and Kai-Lan greet me and teach me how to count in forgein languages. I have two young boys call out Mommy to get my attention. And a nightcap means letting a little one sleep in our bed cause something scared him in the dark.

And I wouldn't trade going back to my early twenties for nothing!

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