Monday, September 28, 2009

Damn it Dora

Okay so anyone who knows my youngest, knows that he's got quite the little temper. Don't get me wrong he is the sweetest little boy I have ever met. But when he gets out. Something is getting thrown and feet and arms will be kicking in a heat of fury. He is also VERY smart, you only have to tell him something once before he gets it.

So imagine his frustration as Dora stands there staring at Luke with those goofy huge glazed over eyes asking him if he sees the purple triangle. And then she asks him like 5 more times before she finally says "YES! Its right there!" No matter where in the house you may be, you can hear Luke's usually tiny little voice shouting at her..."Its right there! Its right there!" His voice grows louder with each word as he tries to get Dora to realize that the dang purple triangle that she has been so feverishly searching for is in fact right behind her.

Damn Dora, I thought you were suppose to be smart. I am so very sure that is the thought going through his head as he grows tired of Dora trying to find whatever. Screw this crap, I'm going to play with Legos.

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Carrie Burr said...

Glad to hear Dora frustrates someone other than me. :-)