Monday, August 31, 2009

Great weekend...starts a shitty week?

We totally had a great weekend this past weekend. I arrived home Thursday night to see the house spotless. Amazed I know. I would have paid to see the pic of totally shock on my face as I surveyed my clean house that wasn't cleaned by me. Rich claims that he did it, but I am feverishly looking over our bank account for any cleaning services that may have been performed.

So clean house left us to more time to get out and do things. We ran a few errands Saturday morning, nothing special by any means. But a weight was off our shoulders with no time restraints holding us down. My mom came over and it was like old times with her. We joked around like we haven't done in a while. It was really nice to see her is such a good mood.

Saturday night Rich and I went to a comedy club. It was such a blast. I love to laugh so it was good times. The drinks were quite yummy too.

Sunday we met my dad at the Air Force Museum were we had our own personal tour guide, my dad, showing us around. The boys had a BLAST. They both love airplanes so it was fun for them.

But coming back, my ears were hurting and I had been having this rumbling in my lungs all day. Felt like there was fluid in my lungs that would bubble up every time I breathed in. I was getting really dizzy and I just didn't feel good. I feel better today, I just hope I am not getting sick yet again. I am generally a healthy person, I have never been sick so many times in a row in my life. I think I am just super run down with school and all, but I will make it through.

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