Friday, August 14, 2009


So yeah nothing to really report of here lately. I started a new class this past week and I love it. We are finally getting hands on and learning how to apply what we already have learned. I can't believe that I am almost done! Its kinda scary, I am starting to get freaked out by getting back into the work world. How are my babies going to react when they are in daycare all day now? Oh good grief. The funny thing is, one of my ex boyfriends from a LONG time ago, his mother teaches the class. She is the sweetest thing, and I remember when I was breaking up with her son I was more heartbroken that I wouldn't see her anymore! Good times.

The boys are as rambunctious as ever. Lucas wants so bad to be just like his big brother, and sometimes he just can't hang. Poor little guy. He gets so frusterated that he can't do the things brother does. I feel his pain. I was the baby and my sister is 3 years older than I. I was always wanting to do the things she got to do.

Rich was in a little fender bender Monday. Some lady hit him at a stop light cause she was trying to reach for a tissue and took her foot of the brake and hit the gas for some reason. The car is okay, just a little damage and Rich is hurting in his shoulders and neck. So now all the fun begins of the phone tag with her insurance company and trying to get the repairs and medical stuff covered. It sucks but at least it was a minor accident.

So see, told you it was borning around here.

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