Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I am truly old

I have had an ephiany.

I am old.

Not old like in age. I feel younger these days than I have ever felt. I am working out on a regular basis (hello sexy legs!), I am  adventurous now more than ever, and I am truly happy to look into the future and see what it has in store for me.

I feel like a true woman. I am loving my curves, and I know and am proving to myself that I am able to change the things I don't like about my body (yeah baby pooch that I have been carrying for the past 2 years, your outta here!). I no longer hate myself because I have to get a size 8 in jeans, cause I know that I am gonna totally rock it whenever I wear them.

I am no longer scared to raise my kids. As silly as that sounds, I always had a fear because I am raising men. Really. But I realize that I have the glorious oppurtunity to mold these boys into respectable, loving, nurturing, strong men. Its a huge responsiblilty, but I take it on with great pride.

The future still looks scary to me, and at times fearful. But I know that I am strong enough to handle anything. I can and will always make the best out of every situation. So therefor I actually get excited to see what life has in store for me.

I have grown. I choose to only carry the good memories with me, and learn for the bad ones.

Okay, off my soap box now. Wanna talk about handbags? lol