Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I have followers!

Okay, so many of you that are hip to this blog world of ours, followers is nothing new or exciting to you. I have been doing this blog thing, on occasion, for about a year now I think. But looking all over this site today, I have just noticed that I have TWO followers!! I guess this means that out of this whole world, there are at least two people out there that like what I have to say SO much, that they follow me. I know I am a total dweeb, but that is so cool to me!

So as a vow to my followers, I promise to try and jazz up my posts a little more. This means trying to jazz up my life as I am sure that you two out there would hate to log on everyday to hear me blogging about poopy diapers or the rapid tempers of a soon to be 3 year old. I promise to try and post a little more often to keep you two in the loop of things going on. I will be a little more creative. And I will try to post so more pics too. As long as you keep following me, I will work my darnedest to keep you entertained, at least for the short few minutes you take out of your busy days to read what I have to say. VOTE COURTNEY 20012!! What am I running for president now? LOL!

Oh what fun this is! I love looking in on other peoples lives and seeing how they handle the stress of everyday living! Okay, I just re-read everything and realize that I need to get out of the house more often! LOL!! Well your in luck cause in this glamorous job of mine called motherhood, I have lots of errands to run today! Later!

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