Thursday, June 4, 2009


I can deal with the fighting. I can deal with the crankiness. I can even deal with the poopie diapers and the occasional pee all over the floor because he missed the toilet. But the screaming? Why are we doing the screaming. Seriously what is up with that (pardon the Seinfeld reference-a little late night TV still stuck in my head)?

It is mainly Luke doing the screaming. You know Momma walked too far away from me-scream! Brother tried to give me a hug--scream! I want some more milk in my sippy cup---SCREAM! And its not a little like shout out, like a little "hey mom I am still here and yes I am thirsty" scream. Its a "oh my God I think someone is cutting my arm off with a dull butter knife" scream. And why the hell after 5 straight minutes of screaming does he insist on calling out for Daddy? Really. You know your father isn't home. You saw him leave and I sure as hell know that he didn't just walk through the door. 

So since bro bro is screaming at the top of his lungs, Eddie thinks its a great idea to join in on all the fun! Except that when he gets told to stop screaming and doesn't listen, he gets put in time out. Thus beginning 5 MORE minutes of screaming. 

Where are my earplugs?

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HLH said...

Haha, awesome. That was great to read and best of luck. A little benadryl perhaps? ;)