Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hang ten

Haven't updated y'all in a while so here are 10 things that happened to us this week:

My 13 year old niece Alyssa was in town. It was nice to have another girl in the house!

A physical therapy session and a post op visit with the doc that should have lasted all but an hour in a half, turned into a little mini date between me and the hubby since it took the doc 2 hours to get to us!

A three hour trip to the mall with a 13 year old seriously wore me out.

I got burnt out on school and dropped out. Not really but I am burnt out and so thankful that I take my final tomorrow.

I got in a fight with a spatula. Got whapped on the nose and have a cut right on the bridge. Needless to say, the spatula won.

Last night, I actually got a full nights sleep. That hasn't happened in like 3 years.

Eddie's birthday party was great. He got some awesome toys that he loves. Its so fun to see him use his imagination and build me things with his new tools.

I finally saw Twilight. Love it, have a little crush on Edward.

I now want to adopt a 13 year old. So much help and it was really appreciated.

I am starting to get a smidgen of the baby fever. I should be checked in as soon as possible! I question my sanity every time I think I want another one.

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