Friday, July 3, 2009

Look into my pink, goober filled eye

I got to leave class early last night. And not so I could get a jump start on my holiday weekend, but because I had goobies seeping out of my pink and blood shot eye!!! I headed straight to Urgent Care and after a surprisingly short visit, I left with eye drops to cure my pink eye. Its awful and I am disinfecting EVERYTHING in hopes that the boys don't get it. I woke up with Luke at 2 something this morning and I couldn't open my eye at all because it was sealed with eye crusties. How the hell did I get pink eye one would ask? I have no freaking idea!! I have never had it either, it just really sucks.

My initial fear was that I wouldn't be able to participate in any 4th of July activities, but the doc assured me that with doing my drops as prescribed I will not be contagious by Saturday. So see, a silver lining.

So on with my normal activities today. Library, Target, grocery store. No rest for the weary, or as I say a MOTHER!

On a side note, my dear sweet hubby turned 30 yesterday! I love my baby very much. I can't believe we are getting older. I still see us as this young couple. Its crazy! But to set it all in, as Rich and I were talking to Eddie before bedtime I asked Eddie how old his daddy was today. And he says...


Rich skipped his nightly application of Ben-gay on the knee in hopes of trying to lift his spirits.

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