Saturday, July 18, 2009

Welcome to this crazy life

Rich's surgery was yesterday. It is so awful. Yesterdays surgery was okay, only took like 45 minutes. But they didn't do anything besides look in at the bones. Turns out the dude needs a total meniscus transplant on his knee. His spirits are totally down and then top that off with not being able to do anything on his own. Yeah its a fun time at my house.

So its almost like I have become a single mother, all while gaining another child. Top that off with 2 hours of sleep last night and you've got one cranky momma! Its insane. So why did we think we could handle having Eddies birthday party as well this weekend? Yeah on top of taking care of all three boys this weekend, I have a party to put together!

So things are crazy. I have no idea how my research paper is going to get written, any of my homework done, and how the hell will I pass my test've got me. Let the chaos continue...

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