Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tag I'm it!

So my friend Heather tagged me in a photo game where I have to post the 10th picture in my first photo file on my computer and tell the story of it.

This is Lucas moments after he was born getting weighed. I was actually not awake because they had to put me under general anesthia since my epidural didn't fully take and I didn't exactly feel like having a c-section while feeling everything. This was such a hard time for us because we were so overjoyed with his birth, but Rich's father was in the hospital and wasn't doing so well. Rich's father passed 5 days after Lucas was born. They never got to meet. Lucas was the sweetest little baby. He still is, but not so much a baby anymore. I got to spend a lot of time alone with him after he was born because of all the was going on. And now he's my boy. He cries for mommy, he wants me to lay him down and kiss his owies. He's such a sweet boy. I love him so much.

Okay now I am to tag 5 others to do this so lets see:

Lets see who shares!

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Heather said...

What a bittersweet memory with Rich's father, but such an overwhelming joy with Lucas!