Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bachelor review

Okay thanks to stupid DVR, and me being the sweetheart that I am, I missed The Bachelor last night. Thank goodness for ABC being wise and putting the full episodes online which I am watching right now as I write this. Like any other NORMAL girl in the world, I have my own opinions about this stupid show. I love it!

*Rozlyn got the one single rose that garuntees here staying for the week. Seriously? I don't like that girl. There is nothing normal about her! I guess we have found this seasons villian. The one we love to hate.

*I can't stand that Michelle girl. Yeah the one who cried on the first night. What is up with all the whining? Seriously girl, not attractive!

*What is up with Ali's one on one date? Girl is wearing a beautiful little cocktail dress, and dripping with diamonds, and homeboy Jake shows up in jeans and cowboy boots? For rizzle, you couln't have worn a nice button up and some non denim pants?

*Okay and now Michelle is crying, yet again. Please tell me that she really leaves on her own accord or he gets rid of her.

*Really what is up with cheering and screaming everytime Jake walks in the room? Really? Are we 12 again?

*WOW. Michelle, the cryer girl. Totally a bunny killer. And kudos to you if you get that!

*What the F? Rozlyn hookin up with one of the staffers? And then acting like nothing was wrong with it? Hello, you are on a show looking to get together with one guy and meanwhile you are hookin up with someone else. Yeah thats classy.

Can't wait for next week!

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