Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The List

Okay so taken fresh out of a script from Friends, I have a list of celebrities that if the oppurtunity arose to slept with them, I could do so without suffering consequences. At first my husband was truly offended but quickly realized that he too would get to make his own list. How the HELL am I suppose to compete with Kate Hudson?

So here is my list:

Robert Pattinson. There is just something so sexy about him to me, I can't even explain it. He looks like someone I could have complete fun with, but also has a serious side to him. Just way too yummy to me. And the accent doesn't hurt either!

Patrick Dempsey. Yeah I know that he is blissfully married with children of his own, but come on don't kill my fantasy. I have loved this guy since the days of Can't Buy Me Love where he was dancing around like a fool. And Lover Boy was just a classic. Now he's a sexy doc and he can feel free to do a check up on me whenever he wants. Did I just say that? Yes I did!

Taye Diggs. Yum and yum!!! He is so super yummy. He has a smie that could melt anyones heart. Yet, with his theatre background, could recite Shakespeare to you and wrtie you poetry. And he's a little on the shorter side. Just my size!

Okay so see I am not that bad. Three guys on the list. I have restricted myself a little.


Maine Mom said...

I too lean towards the shorter side!

Shannon said...

Just three?! Oh, jeez... I have a solid 5:

1. Daniel Craig
2. Christian Bale
3. Eric Bana
4. Gerard Butler
5. Rodrigo Santoro

and some "honorable mentions":
Ryan Reynolds
Bradley Cooper
Hugh Jackman
Novak Djokovic
James Franco
Clive Owen

Clearly, I need help.