Monday, January 25, 2010

The boss turns 2!

So anyone who knows my boys knows that my youngest Luke is totally the boss. I don't wanna say he is bossy because he is so dang cute that you will do anything he says, but he is very demanding. Thats why we call him the boss.

Well the boss turned 2 on saturday! The whole day was about him. Breakfast was what he wanted, pop tarts. Instead of having healthy apples or carrots for snack, we allowed the little man to munch on cheetos and pretzels.

Everyone was greeted with a birthday banner. The whole party was monkey themed. He's a little monkey that climbs on anything he can get his hands on and he has big ears.

He got a little embarrased when we all sang happy birthday to him! So sweet!

I made these cupcakes! Too cute! I know I kinda rock!

My baby boy is now 2 years old! I can not believe that my youngest is 2! The years really do go by so quickly its like you blink and all of a sudden your at your 2 years old birthday party with friends and family. It was a great day. Happy Birthday Luke!

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Shannon said...

Aw, so cute! Happy Birthday, Luke!

(and those cupcakes are super fun... my youngest is OBSESSED with monkeys... she would LOVE those!)