Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Very random thoughts

After seeing an old photo posted of me on FB the other day, I am very thankful that I discovered black mascara. Now I am wondering how some people ever leave the house without it?

As much as I am accustomed to change in my life, the thought of having to replace my Blackberry the other day freaked my freak. Thank the heavens above that the dude at the store was able to fix that stupid little track ball, and did it all for free. And I only had to flash him my boob a smile.

Why is it that at the END of the summer, you know when its time to tuck the two piece away, that I finally get to a place where I am content with the way my body looks?

This growing up stuff is hard yo. Mapping out a budget, going to bed at a decent time...I just don't wanna do it!

I am SO thankful I get to wear scrubs to work. They are SO super comfy, I almost feel like I'm wearing jammies to work.

I want shoes. Lots and lots 'o shoes. And purses. I want a huge closet full of shoes and bags. That is my dream.

I am itching to take a vacation. An adventure. Go somewhere I haven't gone. Do somethings I haven't done. If only my bank account would allow me to do so.

I really need to get my new glasses so I can stop being the old lady doing 40 mph on 275 at night because she can't see. Yeah not really safe.

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