Monday, August 2, 2010

Why I love Jason

Ah, Jason Hoppy. We all know him as Bethenny Frankels main man and baby daddy of her sweet little baby Bryn. But he is so much more to us. I have developed a innocent little crush on this guy. So here's my reasons why.

He is so secure in his manhood, that he cries on camera. If you were able to watch that man cry at his wedding, and over his brand new baby girl, and not lose it yourself you need to get checked out. Rarely do we ever see a man that is willing to let his emotions get the best of him, let alone when a camera is following his every move and broadcasting that to millions worldwide. That takes balls dude.

He embraced fatherhood with a smile. Did you see the episode when Bethenny went into labor? She went into full planning mode, and all he wanted to do was call his family and friends to let them know he was going to be a daddy soon. "I don't know what to wear to meet my son or daughter!" he said while trying to get dressed for the hospital. Everyone say it with me...AWWWW!

He's confident, not cocky. Did y'all see him walking the beach with his washboard abs? But he wasn't walking around acting like the greatest thing in the world. He was just enjoying the beach, happy to be there with his new, pregnant wife. Confidence is sexy.

He handles Bethenny's craziness, all with a smile and a joke. Bethenny is just like the rest of us girls. She's cool, she's confident, but at sometimes...yes she loses her shit. And Jason is always there to pull her together and make her laugh. Tell me you caught that moment at the beach in St. Barts when Bethenny started freaking out and crying because the baby was coming soon. And what did Jason say to her "Baby, we will get through this together, you don't have to do it all alone anymore."

He fakes it till he makes it. Bethenny is in the lime light. Its how she's gotten to where she is now. Reality show star, NY Times best seller, celebrity chef. Girl is out there working it. And he's not really comfortable in the spotlight. But he does it, and why? All for her. To be there and support her. Not matter how uncomfortable it makes him.

and most of all...

He has a cute smile. And I only notice this, because a smile is usually plastered on his face everytime you see him. He's got a great wife, a beautful baby girl, and life is good. And he knows it, hence the constant smile. Thats the BEST trait in anyone.

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