Monday, March 29, 2010


Ok I have to admit. Cupcakes aren't my only addiction. I also am addicted to handbags, discount shopping, and this...
Yes people, they call it a crackberry for a reason. I am addicted to my blackberry. We have had a close relationship for the past year and a half and I am currently faced with the dilemia of possibly having to get a new phone. I am deeply upset. Nobody knows me like my Berry. I know such an original name huh?

But to get where I was going with this post. I think in this day and age of techology, that I am able to be more in touch with people than ever. I can recieve an email at the drop of a hat. And I can have a conversation with someone via text through out the day without missing a beat of what the kids are doing. How else could I "talk" to someone all day long who is suppose to be working? Who needs to actually pick up the phone and talk anymore?

Me personally, I have a phone phobia. Really I'm not joking. I really am a people person, I enjoy talking and listening to people. But there is something about the phone that throws me off. I have a higher pitched voice that only seems exaggerated on the telephone. So I start to think that I am annoying the person on the other end with the sound of my voice. And then I start to think that the person won't like me anymore. I can get all sweaty and clamy. Its not pretty.

But with all this technology, is it really causing us to be more out of touch with eachother? Communication between two human beings is hard enough without having to decipher what someone means in a text message or an email. Things and taken the wrong way or misunderstood. Are we really out of touch with trying to stay in touch?


Jen said...

This post is very Carrie Bradshaw. Awesome. And yes, I agree with your last paragraph.

Just Diane said...

Honestly Courtney... it really didn't occur to me until this very moment that being a SAHM mom for the past 5 years has been made soooo much easier because of modern technology. I don't feel so lonely and whenever I need a little escape, I can get on the computer... hit up FB or MB and it gets me through the day sometimes.
When I was a SAHM to the older kids (before I ever had a cell phone or computer), it was pretty lonely and isolating sometimes! I only stayed home for a year with each of them and I was climbing the walls to get back to work.
I don't know if I would say that modern technology has taken place of personal relationships or taken the human element out of of my friendships... I think I would say, if anything, that I have been able to keep my relationship with everyone intact while I take time out to raise my children.
I know that doesn't apply to everyone. I know there are people out there that HAVE let all of our wonderful technology get in the way of having real relationships with people.
I too, love my blackberry.