Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thanks for the advice morons

Okay I have had a lot of free time on my hands lately. Thanks to a friend of mine, I have found site called Shine through yahoo.com.Go here if you would like to see it. Its all about health + beauty, fashion, and my favorite, love + sex.

But I got to thinking today. A lot of their articles, although perhaps are mostly read by women, are about all the things that us single gals should avoid so as to not irrate or turn off the opposite sex. Now I am a realist. I understand that us as women tend to overthink, overanalize, and just pretty much overdo everything.

But I have read articles that just seem down right rediculious to me. One article titled Is your apartment guy friendly?where although I can appreciate such advice as to put away pictures of you exes and hide the self help books, I can't fully understand why it would suggested to us to hide femine hygeine products such as tampons and pantyliners? I mean most of us have them already put away right like in the cabinet or under the sink. Am I suppose to bury them under the house so he won't see them at all?

And thanks to this article so aptly titled 10 ways to seduce your man I have learned that to turn a guy on, I must alwas wear super sexy underwear and let him have the remote.

It just seems that there are all these articles and books out there for woman on how to get men, and they all seem geared towards us having to change all the "negative" things about ourselves. But we are suppose to be so understanding of men and just accept everything about them? Where are the articles out there for the guys about how they should be a little more attentive or step out of their comfort zones for a gal?

What happened to giving a little, getting a little. Is this whole concept lost? Are we suppose to change ourselves completley in order to hook a man? And why can't they change a few things? None of us are perfect. In this day and age of accepting people as they are, why is there so much "advice" out there?

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Selena said...

But I thought if you gave the guy the remote he wouldn't notice you in your super cute underwear?? :) lol I'm so confused!