Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What no one knows

A few months ago a question was raised to me that I had no idea how to awnser. For some very odd reason, it left me speechless.

What is some little things that NO ONE really knows about you?

Really, there isn't much to me, and there really isn't much about me that people DON'T know.

But now that I have given it some thought, I have found a few things. They are awfully silly and you may see exactly why I haven't shared them with anyone.

1. I can't stand it when I pump gas and it doesn't stop at an even number. But its even worse. It has to be like $xx.25, $xx.50, $xx.75 or $xx.00. I will seriously think about it all day if I don't leave the pump on one of those numbers. I will pump gas until I get it there, whatever it takes.

2. I never leave the house without black mascara. Weither I have it on, or in my purse to apply it once I get where I am going. I can't stand it, and the only few times I have left the house without mascara was because I was having surgery, or recovering from pink eye.

3. I can't be in the car without music on. Most people (and experts) claim that its a distraction. But I am much more distracted without music. Its too quiet and then my mind starts thinking about REALLY stupid stuff, next thing you know...So music is a must for me in the car.

4. I LOVE to pick blackheads. Even if they aren't on me. If I see one on myself, I will literally excuse myself from a crowd to go off into a bathroom and pick it. Hey I have manners! If I see one on someone else, that will be all I can concentrate on. Forget the fact that this person is telling me something rather important, I am more focused on how I can squeeze that sucker outta there without said person noticing.

5. I may come off as a girly-girl, but I love to get down and dirty. I love to be outdoors. Four wheelin in the mud, I'm there. Fishing, hey I got a (pink) pole. Hiking, camping, you name it I'll do it. But I won't hunt. My heart is TOO big for all animals to bring myself to shoot them.

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