Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh Rob!

So I stumbled upon something fascintating this past weekend. An old issue of Vanity Fair with non other than Robert Pattinson featured in it. So I spent the whole weekend with Rob.
We spent the weekend on this cute little place in Long Island. We had a nice crab lunch and some beers.
We spend a quiet afternoon reading together. It was so cute, Rob would find something he thought was funny in his reading and he would read it to me.

We both love music so he serenated me with some pieces that he has written himself. It was very beautiful, moved me to tears.

Then we ended the evening just laying in bed and sharing our feelings. It was an amazing weekend.

I am now off to check into the mental hospital for having an imaginary romantic weekend getaway with Robert Pattinson via magazing pics of him!

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