Monday, March 8, 2010

Me, Myself, and I

And I don't like any of them! hahaha just kidding.

So you have great friends. You have those girls on speed dial that would never cuss you out if you called them at 2 in the morning because you need someone to talk to.

Sometimes they are across town, sometimes they are across the United States. And even in the suckiest situations, they are even sometimes across a freaking ocean.

But they are always there.

Yet sometimes you still feel lonely.

And you would think that the lonliness is a good thing, that your mind could use the peace and quiet. But when your lonely, your mind goes to some dark places.

Usually your a confident girl. If you don't like what you see, then move on. But that little voice creeps up when your alone in your thoughts. And it just crumbles down everything that you have built up. Your once bright future that you had planned in your head is suddenly dark and depressing. Next thing you know you're crying because you fear that in your lonely future, your going to choke on your shower water and nobody will find your dead body for days (yes true story. Well not actually dying but having that irrational fear.).

Time to tune out that little voice. Turn the music up and watch some bad reality tv.

Even with the sunshine, today was a dark day for me. I will snap out of it, I promise.

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