Thursday, March 4, 2010


No I'm not talking about all the fabulous ones that will be walking the red carpet this Sunday for the Oscars.

Tonight on my way to the gym, I was pondering all the great mysteries of life. Well not really. I was still riding on a high that I had simply because the sun shined all day long. Seriously, we have not seen the sun here in Ohio for months.

I looked up into the sky thanking God for everything I had and asking him for another beautiful day like we had today. Thats when I noticed something.
You know, when the clouds cover the sun all day long, they tend to hang around and cover up the stars too. So I noticed tonight the stars. I am not an astrologist by any means, I have no idea about constilation or which ones are actually plantes or whatever. But I do now that they are absolutley beautiful.

We are always so thankful for the sun (well most of us). But we never seem to thank the Lord for the stars. They are so stunning and we can actually look at them without burning out our retinas.

So my high continued through out my work out. And now I am going to sleep tonight in a good mood. How often does that happen? hahaha.

Thank you lord for the moon and the stars. Thank you for everything that I have and for all things you continue to bless me with.

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