Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Babies babies

Babies, babies all around...

So there has been somewhat of a mini baby boom going on around me lately. A couple of my good friends and some family members are all being blessed with a new bundle of joy this summer. That just means we ALL know what you guys were doing this past winter...lol.

Of course I am always super happy when a baby comes along, as I feel a baby is always a blessing. One of my closest friends in particular I am super happy for. She has suffered through a lot of heartache and difficulty to get where she is today. Now she is just weeks from having her second child and everything is looking good. I praise the lord in my daily prayers for that.

A little part of me is super jealous. I LOVE newborn babies. Its my favorite stage. Really don't get me wrong, I love every stage of my kids life. But there is nothing like having that newborn baby around. Being COMPLETELY exhausted from labor and delivery but not even noticing. The little grunting noise. Cuddling up with that sweet babe while they nurse. BUT...I will just relish in all of my friends joy at the moment. lol. I am so happy for all of you receiving your little miracles. Whether your expanding your family, or just starting out, you are in for the greatest ride in your life. Hold on tight, its a bumpy one, but its great. Congrats!


Starla said...

Oh thank you, you're so sweet! I go in on Thursday and then I will know the official date! I will keep you posted
Love ya

Heather@WHMB said...