Thursday, June 24, 2010

Should being single imply rules?

We've all heard them before. The Rules. And the always seem to be most prevalent when one is single. You know the silly rules that either you make up or are already made up for you.

*You should stay single for as long as the relationship happened
*Only dating a certain age group, body type, hair color, etc.
*It's OK to date but just don't get serious with anybody

You get the gist. So my question for today...Whats with all the rules? Why do we stipulate ourselves when it comes to relationships?

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Love comes to you when you're ready for it. When you have truly found yourself and are comfortable with what you have to give, that's when the Guy above sends "The One" into your life. So why do we muck it up with all these rules? I think the one rule we should stick to is to know yourself. Because its only when you know and fully love yourself, that others can do the same.


HeatherScent said...

I only had one rule while dating - wait for a period in between guys. That way, there is never any confusion over who the baby daddy might be. LOL

Just Diane said...

Haha to Heather!

Forget the rules, Court. You only live once.