Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Watch what you say

So the storm has started. Its kinda my fault, I should have been wiser about the steps that I took. OK so here's the thing. F-ing Facebook.

OK so as you followers probably know, I have changed my relationship status on facebook. I have been hush hush because of several reasons. 1. My divorce isn't final yet. Everything is done, but the whole legal process takes some time. 2. This new relationship is not something I expected, or even sought out. It just really happened. BUT I am extremely happy. Hence me wanting to share my happiness with those in my life.

I changed my status without thinking and I changed it before I was able to delete some people who its really not their business to know. And now there are some awful comments floating around about me. And they are being said by people who don't really know a thing about whats going on between my ex husband and I. And that is OK really, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. What has really upset me is the comments and questioning of my parenting skills. You can call me all the names in the world that you want to, but when you open your mouth and insinuate that I am a bad mother and I don't care about MY children, you are very much crossing the line. My kids have been the NUMBER ONE priority in my life from day one. And that's exactly where they remain. And that's true for both my ex and I.

I understand that there is hurt and anger coming from everyone that has been involved in my life and my exes life. I know that people are gonna take sides and feel the need to protect or defend those that they love. But the end of our marriage was a mutual decision. Nobody is doing anybody wrong, or intentional hurting the other. Its just time for us to move one. Both of us. So there really is no need for name calling and lashing out. And really there is no need to put into question what kind of mother I am. I am a damn good mother, those boys are my life. And my dating life is MY dating life as of right now. My kids are not being affected in any way.

This will be the only blog post that I devote to this. I really hate to put this out here, and I know that now I am making it every ones business, but I am more trying to stat a fact. Watch what you say and especially how you say it. Think before you speak. You may be angry but words can cut very deeply. And really when it comes to two peoples relationship, you yourself have NO idea whats going on within the relationship unless your the one in it.


Anonymous said...

please follow my blog!

ladybost said...

flat out there are people who are haters. no matter when you would have changed your status or divorced for a million years they still would try to bring you down. i am so happy for you i cannot stand it and you so deserve this. now you know who really has your back and who to leave the hell alone

HeatherScent said...

I really can't stand these prudes who think that just because you are a mother, you can never date or even LOOK at a man again.

Like having a boyfriend somehow precludes a woman's ability to be a good mother. It's such a fucking archaic attitude. Like a woman's ONLY purpose in life is to be a mom - she shouldn't have any other goals, or dreams, or interests. If she does, then she's a bad mom! Whatevs!

Court, you are turning into a woman who is very comfortable in her skin, and confident in her decisions. Haters want to take that from you because they are insecure & don't have it for themselves. SCREW 'EM!