Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pimpin myself

Today should be fun. I have resorted to pimpin myself out. Don't worry its nothing illegal.

Today I am off to visit several different doc offices and urgent cares to see who's hiring and who will hire me. Its what me and some of my friends refer to as pimpin yourself out. You become your own pimp. You literally walk into an office and plead your case as to why they should want to hire you.


Because I'm smart
I'm funny
I'm a hard worker
I love my job
I'm a team player
I am very well organized
I can take constructive criticism and strive to work on my weaknesses
I have a great personality and it takes a lot to get me down
I love to help people

These are the statements that I am getting SO sick of saying over and over again! Don't get me wrong, they are SO true about me, but I am so sick of talking about myself. I happen to think the proof is right there on my resume. Top of my class, perfect attendance, 5+ years of retail management. I think I know how to deal with people by now.

I am just extremely frustrated right now with job searching. Its almost next to impossible to get a job right now, and its at a time when I need one the most. Lord, I am putting all of my trust in you as I always do, but please get me a job! Really, because I am pretty much becoming a ho for medicine. Wait that doesn't sound right...

Well I am off. But I promise to only dress professional on my pimpin expedition. No fur coats and hats with feathers in it for me today. lol

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