Thursday, July 8, 2010

Annoying little me

Bad habits. We all have them. I know I do. So in the spirit of self reflection (and because I have NOTHING to write about today), I thought I would share a few of mine. This should be interesting.

~I bite my nails. Yeah to the point where I have to keep them short so I don't chew them. I have chewed them down to the point of pain before. Its gross and awful.

~I'm messy and disorganized. I know everything has its place, but I still haven't figured out where most every things places are.

~I can never seem to finish an entire drink and take my cup to the sink. Wherever I got bored with drinking my drink, is wherever I left my cup. And that is where it will probably stay until I pick up later on down the road.

~I get bored throughout the day and check Faceboook a lot. Its retarded, but I have a lot of funny friends so they entertain me with silly post of videos or thoughts and sayings.

~I procrastinate. A lot. Hey I work best under pressure.

~I can be kinda lazy. My favorite thing to do is lay on the couch and just watch TV, or surf the internet, or wrestle with the boys. As long as its on the couch, I'm good.

~I'm almost too relaxed sometimes. This makes it next to impossible for me to make simple decisions like what to eat or where to go.

~I am great a actually cleaning the laundry. I love to put the clothes in, getting stains out, loading the dryer and the smell of my dryer sheets. But I almost always forget to take the damn clothes out of the dryer until like days later when I can't find any clean underwear. Thank goodness for ironing boards.

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